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Eyes&Ears Exclusive!

Hey Y’all! It’s Krysisha here with another segment of Eyes&Ears! I like to introduce you guys to…

Big Boi: Shoes For Runnin 2013 World Tour ft. Killer MikeImage

Today I did a phone interview with Big Boi and spoke about his Shoes For Running Tour, his random acts of kindness, video games & upcoming projects!

Kryssi: For the Shoes For Running Tour, Did you name the tour that because ‘Shoes For Running will be your next single or did you just decide that will be the name of the tour?

Big Boi: Naw, that’s not the next single, it’s just the name of the tour.

K: Now, I heard that you teamed up with Soles4Souls to collect shoes. How is that going!

B: It’s going real good & it’s still going on! I’m letting people know on the tour to donate their shoes & Soles4Souls will take them and donate them to different charities!

K: That’s great! You also have your own foundation called the Big Kidz Fundation! How has that been going?

B: We’re actually in our 6th year anniversary in East Atlanta & we have a lot of things coming up this summer!

K: I seen on Instagram that you have recently did a random act of kindness, where you helped out a homeless guy that had his dog with him..what happened in that situation?

B: I was on the tour bus in Rhode Island & seen a guy & his friend get hassled by the police & they take his friend away. So I got off the bus & spoke to him. The guy had his dog & 2 big bags with him. I asked him about the situation & gave him bail money for his friend.

K: I commend you for that! You don’t find a lot of artist that do random acts of kindness like this!

B: It’s all about spreading peace, love & happiness!

K: I heard you are on a new action shooter video game called Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel w/ B.O.B.! What was that like to be apart of a video game?

B: It was something new & different. It was very fun to be apart of something like that & see how it came out!

K: You & B.O.B. have worked with each other on different projects & for the game you two came out with a single & music video called ‘Double or Nothing’. How was that?

B: It’s always great to work with B.O.B. When were both together we have this chemistry that makes it easy to work together.

K:You’ve been in the movies Idlewild, Who’s Your Caddy, ATL & also the TV show CSI: SVU. Do you have any more movies/ TV shows that you will be starring or doing cameos in anytime soon!

B: Most definitely! I have many big screen & small screen projects in the works! As soon as the deals go right you will be seeing me soon!

K: I know you just came out with Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, but do you have any more music projects in the works? Any cameos on your future project or any other artist projects?

B: Yea, I’m currently working on some new music with a lot of people. You guys will be getting that soon.

K: What’s your favorite album that you have came out with?

B: That’s an hard question…(laughs). That’s a very hard question. I can’t really answer that.

K: Okay, if you can’t answer that, What’s your favorite song that you recorded on ‘Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors’?

B: ‘The Descending’ is my favorite!

K: What is the meaning behind the name, ‘Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors’?

B: The inspiration behind the name is to search for the truth. You can’t always depend on the media & social networks for the truth.

K: I’m a big fan of Jai Paul! I never heard of Little Dragon, but they were featured on your album! How did you decide that you wanted them on your album and on certain songs?

B: I met them from being on tour & going to different festivals & getting the chance to bond with them. Dr. Dre actually put me on to Little Dragon one day.

K: What are your thoughts on reality TV & the different artist that decide to do it? Would you ever do a reality TV show?

B: It depends on somethings..but to each it’s own that decides to do it. That’s on them.


I hope you guys enjoyed the interview! Big Boi is coming to town this Friday the 3rd! He will be performing at The Rave with Killer Mike! Purchase Tix here!! Can’t make it Friday but you can make it Thursday he will be in Chicago at Park West! Purchase Tix for the Chi town show here! Can’t make it to either one? Check out the rest of his World Tour dateshere!

Keep up with all things Big Boi & Follow him @BigBoi & check out his websiteBigBoi.com

::Keep Your Eyes&Ears Open::

-Kryssi :)


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