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Hey Y’all! Krysisha here with a very special interview!! I would like to introduce to you all…



Jarvis a young 23 yr. old R&B artist was in Milwaukee this past Saturday at V100′s Family Expo performing and promoting his new mixtape titled ‘Heartache’. I got the chance to sit down with Jarvis and discuss his journey from where he started in music to where his road to success and motivation is leading him now!

Krysisha: Welcome to Milwaukee, WI! I’m with & introduce yourself a little bit for the people that don’t know who you are!

Jarvis: My name is Jarvis & I’m signed to Capitol Records.

K: Okay Jarvis I was reading your bio & it said that you started singing at the age of 12! What was that like? What made you say, this is what I want to do?

J: I’ve been singing years before that in the church. Nothing too serious, just having fun with it. I developed a passion for it over the years, seeing different artist like: Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown and Usher. It made me want to really, really pursue it. At Age 12 is when I really wanted to start taking it seriously.

K: Cool! Then I heard that, you & your family relocated to Atlanta, where you came across Jermaine Dupri! What was that experience like for you?

J: Well, what happened with that was, I relocated to Atlanta with a cousin. My cousin already stayed there & the rest of my family stayed in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When I relocated, I started to work, record records, and go through rigorous training & artist development. I did a record & we started to get it buzzing on our own independently. Then Jermaine came in, took notice & signed me to my first record deal. So that was an incredible experience with being so young & being noticed by someone like Jermaine Dupri. As big as he is, it was just a really, really great accomplishment for me at such n young age.

K: Around that time, was that the same time you got to meet Usher? And you got the chance to go on some of his tours & shadow him a little bit? Or were you actually an opening act?

J: I wasn’t actually an opening act at the time. I believe the opening acts at the time were Christina Millian, Kanye West & John Legend. I was able to shadow the tour, do a lot of the different dates with him & just be on the road. I got to see a lot of the ins and outs backstage, get to watch the show. Being so close knit with Jermaine, everything he did for about a year and a half, I was right there along side him. Just being able to see how he worked, moved & see how some of the people & artist he help mold to work & move in their work ethics, really, really helped me take my craft to the next level.

K: After that, because of some issues inside the music label, you had to go on to DTP. From transitioning from SoSoDef to DTP, what was that like? Was it really difficult? Was there a time when you thought, maybe this isn’t it? What kept you motivated to keep going?

J: At the time, Jermaine had left the label I was signed to & went to Virgin. So it kind of left me in limbo at the label. You know I was an artist that was signed to him, but he was no longer there. So I had to kind of figure it out. Eventually I grew older, I turned 18, my voice started to change & I was growing just trying to figure out where to go, what to do & how to pursue the next step. The best thing for me was just to stay creative. Get in the studio & figure out what my sound would be, how my voice would change, how would I mature? I just started recording songs & a lot of different records. I did a record called‘Pretty Girl’ & Shaka Zulu from Disturbing the Peace took notice to it. At the time they had a situation with Def Jam, but they inked me real fast. They wanted to get me in & make a push as quick as they could. They had some things going on at the label & some things switching around & they wanted to try to slip something in. They threw Ludacris on the record & he loved the record! Actually they wanted to throw Chingy on it, because Chingy had just signed to DTP at the time. And I was like well, you know, if I’m going to be signed to DTP, I rather y’all put the man (Ludacris) on it! He (Shaka Zulu) was like, “Well I don’t know, Cris don’t hop on nothing he don’t like. I’ll send him the record & I’ll see what happens!” Sure enough, a day later, Luda put his verse on it. He loved the record and we went with it, we pushed hard. It was just one of those scenarios where it was just kind of a eye opener for me, just knowing to get back in it, work, just don’t focus on the things around you or don’t focus on not having a deal or having a deal. Just focus on music, and everything will come and fall in its place.

K: That’s great! Now you’re with Capitol Records, what has that change been like and what’s going on with you and Capitol Records right now?

J: There are a lot of changes with myself and with the label too. But the biggest change is just being able to have a lot of support, a lot of push & backing from the staff. So we’re working & moving forward with a great record called ‘Make a little Room’. It came off of my mixtape, which is titled HeartacheMake sure y’all go get that! A lot of different records are on that, but ‘Make a Little Room’ is the headliner for that. So now we’re impacting a lot of different stations & a lot of different markets. We’re just blessed to be getting a lot great feedback from the song as well as the video. So right now, we’re just pushing and going to a lot different markets, promoting and getting the song out there. As well as in the mean time working on my album.

K: What is it that, you bring that’s new or different to the R&B game?

J: What I bring to the R&B game that’s new & different is definitely my tone. My tone is distinct; it’s who I am. Also I feel that I am able to bring, my own perspective from being an young African American man in America, living his life, pursuing his dream, falling in love, falling out of love & having fun. Just the different stages of my heart & being able to put that on a song & translate it through music & make it relatable to my consumer. I’m able to come in and put my fingerprint on it that way just because it’s me & nobody else can be me.

K: You said that your new single is ‘Make a Little Room’, what is that song about?

J: The song is basically about a love triangle. Being in a relationship & having your significant other catch feeling elsewhere. I’m basically saying I’m affected by that & now I feel some type of way. So I’m saying now I’m going to make a little room for the next person & when you come back, your place maybe taken!

K: This goes right into my next question, for someone that has never heard of you before, what song would you play for them to say this is what’s going to make you become a fan?

J: Definitely I would say ‘Make a Little Room’. Just because it gets enough to spark people’s attention & give them an idea & a storyline to go “Hmmm what’s this about?” It’s not just your typical song on the radio, it’s different, and it’s got some substance to it. It’s actually speaking about a situation, it’s a story. I think that’s something good to bring back into R&B as well. I would definitely play that record & you got a lot more heat coming!


I hope you guys enjoyed the interview! Make sure you download Jarvis’s mixtapeHeartache from! Also hit him up on TwitterFacebook & Instagram at JarvisTheArtist! Check out Jarvis’s Make a Little Room Down below!!

::Keep Your Eyes&Ears Open!

-Kryssi :)



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