Eyes&Ears: Close Friends Web Series

Hey Y’all!! I’m back with a new Eyes&Ears! This time I would like to introduce to you guys….

2KLIFE: Close Friends


For about a month I have been watching a web series called Close Friends! It’s a web series about 6 friends, that take you through all the levels of drama, love, friendship and dating that men and women go through.

Currently they are on their 3rd episode of the web series, but so much has already happened!! I really like this web series because it’s very relatable. Either I have been in the situation before or I have heard or seen someone in the situation. Check out Episode 1: He Say, She Say, down below!!

If you liked Episode 1 you should definitely catch up and watch Episodes 2 & 3! Stay posted because a new episode comes out every Wednesday!

Also subscribe to 2KLife’s Youtube channel if you want to catch random funny webisodes & skits!!

Follow 2KLIFE on Twitter @2KLife!

::Keep Ur Eyes&Ears Open!

-Kryssi :)



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