Eyes&Ears:Still Movin

Hey Ya’ll & I’m back with it!! So today I would like to bring to you someone that I was introduced to in November. He’s lyrically raw, very poetic, very smooth flow & can spit lyrics real sharp & quick!

Hope Y’all Ready! I would like to introduce…

Dizzy Wright: Still Movin.

Today on this Good Friday, Dizzy Wright dropped his video for ‘Still Movin’. I’m hoping this is a new single for his 3rd album The Second Agreement, which is the 2nd installment out of 5. You can stream The First Agreement here. I really like this song! Gotta real nice beat you can bounce & nod your head to! And his delivery goes right a long with it, which is always a plus! The next video that should be dropping is ‘Maintain’which is featuring another XXL 2013 Freshman Joey bada$$.

I have mentioned Dizzy Wright in a couple of previous posts on Probeverse & my Tumblr account in the past. And on late Tuesday night, the cover of the 2013 XXL Freshman listdropped with the man Dizzy Wright on that cover! Very happy for the man! Now you guys have to pay attention! Plus keep an eye on his label mates Hopsin, Swizzz & Jarren Benton!

If you’re diggin the song & want to check out more of Dizzy Wright, follow Dizzy on Twitter @DizzyWright & check out the Funk Volume webpage & Twitter too, to stay up to date!

::Keep Your Eyes&Ears Open!

-Kryssi :)



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