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XXL Freshman List 2013..


I was very anxious to see what XXL had up their sleeve this year for the 2013 Freshman list. XXL did however decide to switch things up this year. Well I actually think this is how it’s always been, they just decided to tell us but not tell us. Lol well anyways, they are saying that they are actually finished with the list, but they need our “help” to vote in the 10th finalist….WHAT?

This irritated me somewhat because the group of individuals they have on this voting list most were ones that I thought would have taken the 1-10 spots on the list!! You can check out the list here. But from what I remember last year a lot of worthy people that could have & should have been on the Freshman 2012 list didn’t make it is because they either A: Dropped an Album & B: Were in a group and other various reasons. But Chief Keef is on this MF’n list & this fool dropped an album!! Alrighty.. -__-

Now I have officially given up on XXL & this Freshman list bull. I feel there are sooo many people on this list right now that could have made the cover from A$AP Ferg, Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson & Dizzy Wright. I feel that a lot of these artists on this list were on the come up way before 2013. But I feel that without the XXL Freshman list that these artists will become big no matter what because they have a strong fan base behind them. Regardless of what a magazine thinks, the fans are the ones that will let it be known.

My prediction of who XXL picked for the 9 slots?


Chase N Cashe

Dom Kennedy

Chevy Woods

Earl Sweatshirt

Rockie Fresh

XV-long overdue

Honey Cocaine-because they would do some shit like this

Chip The Ripper-I couldn’t think of anyone else

My #10 pick:

Dizzy Wright. I feel that his name is not familiar like everyone else on this list. I know that he would…..WILL blow up regardless of getting chosen or not. But not like everyone else, you all have heard of either Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Ferg, Angel Haze & etc in some way, shape or form. Ab-Soul is apart of TDE, Joey Bada$$ was featured on A$AP Rocky’s AMAZING 1 Train, A$AP Ferg is apart of the A$AP Mob, Angel Haze you have probably came across her in a beef with Azealia Banks. When you hear Dizzy Wright I’m guessing most of you go WHO? But I know he wants this spot, & I know if he doesn’t get it, his buzz is going to blow up. That goes for most of the artist on this list…But we will see!

So check out the list here & vote for who you would like to see take that # 10 spot on XXL’s 2013 Freshman list!!

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-Kryssi :)


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