YouTube is the new Black!


Since 2009 I got on the YouTube wave. I was probably subscribed to a few channels at the time from SpokenReasons to Dormtainment to Wiz Khalifa. I started to find real entertainment from these channels because their humor was so natural! I would find myself on YouTube almost every night checking out new episodes, looking at old videos & enjoying skits! Some channels even involved their personal opinions and views, either straight up or shown through spoofs. These views could be on big news that was going on in the world, to College Hill, to even fights you se on WSHH.

From 2009 to 2011 I was trying to put people on to SpokenReasons and Dormtainment took two years till people believed me. But look at them now! SpokenReasons is on the move with his #FCHW movement and landed a spot in the movie The Heat with Sandra Bullock . And Dormtainment is in the works with getting their own TV show!

Now these aren’t the only YouTubers to keep an eye out for that are making moves! There are soooo many others!More and more are growing and getting better at their craft everyday! I’m also starting to see more and more of them teaming up and making vids together! But I’m going to name off a few with some videos. Remember these our some guys you should keep an eye out for!!





Kevin Edwards Jr.

Like I said There Are Plenty More : Hotdamnirock, DeshawnRaw, KingBach, PrettyFunnyFish, Billy Sorrells, StevenJo & so on down the list! So if you ever need a laugh or just need to uplift your spirits go to YouTube and you’ll get exactly that!

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-Kryssi :)


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