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Under The Influence…of Music Tour!

On Tuesday I went out to Chiraq aka Chicago to check out the Under The Influence of Music Tour 2! This tour had an amazing line up of a lot of big names!

Berner went up first & performed songs from Urban Farmer & some songs coming up on his Drugstore Cowboy. He did his new single Ugh featuring the newly signed Taylor Gang family member Ty$ who came out to help perform the hit with Berner! Next up was Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era who turned up the crowd with all of his hits from Rejex, 199, Summer Knights & PEEP: The aPROcalypse.

Trinidad Jame$ surprised me the most! He promoted “Dream, Believe & Turn Up!” during his whole performance I felt he was very genuine & humble! He even ran out through the stadium & the very large crowd of people during his performance of All Gold Everything & threw out a pair of Jordans into the crowd. He even made random appearances in A$AP’s & Wiz’s performances & definitely turned up! B.O.B. came out next & performed all of his hits as well & for a change, he had back up dancers which would come out & perform during the most appropriate songs like his new single Headband.  B.O.B. even interacted with the crowd & gave out free stuff. After B.O.B’s set, A$AP Rocky came out. What I really liked about Rocky’s performance was the screens & how the graphic was always something different, but they matched the songs he performed. I was also liked that A$AP Ferg came out & performed Shabba, I love that song right now!

I enjoyed the show from beginning to end! What thrilled me was definitely Wiz’s sets! He did absolutely every single hit! When his ATL Freestyle popped up on the screen I couldn’t believe it! I sang every single word! Then he came out in his jersey, camp cargo shorts, snapback, chucks & legendary Pittsburgh & performed his first radio single Say Yeah & I went went crazy!!! It was like traveling back down memory lane! But it was crazy how he quick he has blown up!

I’m mad proud of Wiz. Wiz is a Rockstar! He’s traveling down the path of success, while branding his self & others. He dropped his own clothing line & now he’s FINALLY teamed up with Converse & is coming out with his on collection of chucks August 30th! But while doing all of this he’s bringing others with him. For the most part everyone apart of Taylor Gang are kin, family & childhood friends, but even ones he’s met on the come up that he’s taking along with him are now family.Taylor Gang isn’t just a group, it’s a family & you definitely can see that during his performances he introduces everyone & their presence on the stage is unbreakable. Especially during certain performances he makes sure that they come out on stage & perform along side with him.

The whole show all & all was GREAT! This concert is definitely at the top of my list & it definitely topped the 2050 tour! I recommend that if you’re a fan of any or everyone on this tour, go out & catch a show!! Check out the tour dates below to see if they are coming to a city near you!!


Smell Ya Later!



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