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The Golden Age review

The Golden Age review


Dizzy Wright does it again! This time he comes to you with The Golden Age! A 22 track mixtape, which should have been a 2 disc LP on ITunes available for you to purchase!

Definitely this mixtape contains a lot of quality sounds. A lot of the tracks have a old school, New York, Hip Hop flow to them. Very good production! But Dizzy will definitely keep you anxiously wanting to hear the next track. He has a track for everyone, for the ratchets, gangstas, thinkers, hippies, freaks…etc. This mixtape is definitely well rounded and welcomes all types of listeners.

My personal favorites are 2 Wings and a Crown, The Flavor, Bout That Life, Still Movin, Cant Stop Wont Stop, Fashion, Step Yo Game Up, Untouchable, Hope You Have a Good Day,  & We Turned Out Alright ft. the legendary Wyclef!

& I Finally found out what B.T.T. mean too..0____0 lol a song I think all the fellas will appreciate!

Make sure you listen it to the mixtape as many times as you can to know all the words by the time Dizzy Wright hits your city while he’s on his The Golden Age Tour ft. Emilos Rojas & Marcus Moody! Download the tape here! Check out tour dates here!



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