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Trap Lord review

The Fergeinstein first album is definitely a great solo project! The second member out of the A$AP Mob to drop a solo project! A$AP Ferg is definitely a well-rounded individual. Before music, Ferg had interest in fashion (of course) & art which I feel you can definitely hear & see in this album.

Something I enjoy about Ferg’s album is that it’s very, very visual. This is where I think his experience in art definitely comes into play! One song that I can’t quite get into yet, but is very descriptive is Cocaine Castle. Whenever I listen to Cocaine Castle, it reminds me of the scene in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever, when Flipper finds Gator in the crack house complex aka “the taj mahal.” You see all good & bad doing drugs at the “cocaine castle.” Another very visual song is 4:02, which to me seemed like an interlude.

He definitely knows what tracks need or don’t need any of his singing vocals, which I personally like. For example, in Ferg’s new single Hood Pope, he encourages all to sing along with him when he harmonizes his “ooooooh’s” & hits a couple of runs throughout some of his bars, while drinking Jesus Juice. Another track I personally like was Let It Go which featured a message from A$AP Yams, who definitely reminded me of a young Diddy on this track.

My personal faves:Let It Go, Shabba, Lord, Hood Pope, Fergivicious, Dump Dump, Work REMIX, & Fuck Out My Face.

Make sure you download it now! Also keep an eye out for an A$AP Mob album!



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