Evicted: A Hood Classic

If you like these hood movie classics, Booty Call, Menace II Society, Boyz N Da Hood, Dead Presidents, Dont Be a Menace & all of the Fridays? Well then, this is for you!

The young men of 2kLife have come up with a short film called Evicted: A Hood Classic. if you watched their web series Close Friends, then you knew you were going to be in for a treat with this one!  Evicted is about 2 careless friends that are roommates, that have only 24 hrs to come up with their rent money or their butts are getting EVICTED!

Evicted had all of your hood favorites, the 2 funny best friends/roommates that are always careless, the crackhead, the hoes, that one person everyone is afraid in the hood, the annoying ass landlord & so on. Now you maybe thinking that it’s the same as the movie Friday, not exactly. Even though the plots may relate, Evicted’s story is very different. Even though it has your typical hood movie characters, 2KLife made sure to add some twists into it!

I definitely enjoyed watching it! It is definitely considered a hood classic to me! The ending definitely has me wondering what will happen next!

Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel, check out their website, follow them on Twitter & go cop you some gear!!



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