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Whatsup Blood?!

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I love this man. I admire his strength & creativity. But these rants are getting a little over board.

I’m talking about Chris Brown. I’ve been a fan since Run It, & I still supported him after his incident with Rihanna (I supported his artistry not his actions). It seems like the older & older Chris gets the more harsh the paparazzi, blogs & media get. Let me say this before I really get into it..this is my opinion, just like how Chris has one & the media has one, I have one too & I understand all sides, but there comes a point where some of the shit people say are just way over the top. So I’m going to be as outside my box & honest as I can.

Chris has been trying to break out of this label of being a man beater for about 4 years now. he’s done all of his counseling, community service & he’s even done a lot of charity work. He’s continued to work & come out with albums, crossover into rapping & come out with mixtapes, he’s directed some videos, he’s produced some songs & has even signed some people to his CBE label. The man has even come out with his own toy & clothing label.

Now down this road to rebuilding he has gotten into trouble quite a few more times. He’s a human being & all humans react. There are times when I do say, “now , this man knows he’s a celebrity, this is his job he should know better than to give the media what they want!” but then a part of me says, “well he’s still a human, we all react differently in various situations.” Fame is something that chooses you because of your talent. It doesn’t care about how your personality is & what you got going on back at home. All of that is a plus to creating a bigger buzz sometimes, but once you’re chosen, you’re chosen. Now your personality & your reactions come into play once you make it, it plus along with your talent is suppose to help keep you up on top. I always feel when you fame finds you at an young age, the older you get, it’s going to be hard for you to stay in control of fame because of various reasons. I feel like it becomes like high school to the celebrity when their a teenager, but it’s easier for the typical teenager because they don’t have millions of eyes watching & judging their very move.

Now that I have went off topic a little bit lets get back on track..I don’t condone & accept everything Chris Brown does as right, but I do understand where he is coming from with some of them. Plus we are only believing what we are being told by people that don’t like Chris at all so, we aren’t really sure what’s true anymore. But I do feel that there comes a time that he needs to just stop. Go on vacation & leave all social media behind for awhile. Especially if ‘X’ is going to be his “last album” (which I do not want to happen & highly doubt that would happen) after he drops it & does his promo thing for it, jus go on a nice vaca from the chaos of the world. I feel that voicing your opinion is cool & all but these rants on Twitter are just a getting out of hand. He goes on these rants, says all this stuff & then deletes it. My whole thing is, what’s the point?!

I know he’s feeling some type of way about a bunch of mess, but please do that to a friend or a diary, or even a personal private blog. Yes, whatever he says on Twitter is his opinion & he has the right to voice it, but I feel that if you have to delete what you say on Twitter then you don’t need a Twitter. And if you deleted it, you definitely thought twice about it, AFTER you posted it. You’re suppose to do that BEFORE. Think before you act.

Especially with this repping bloods mess. I have a major issue with I seen it with my own eyes with Chris repping bloods on his Twitter, maybe he’s playing, joking around..I don’t know, but it’s definitely making me look at him different. During one of his rants he said “BLOOD!” or “boof!” Then he started talking about “but this piru” , then tags it on a picture in Hawaii he recently sprayed, “Fruits Piru!” But because I just didn’t want to believe it I go to YouTube & watched his Don’t Think They Know, video, because a thought popped up in my mind about him & gangs when I first seen it, but I thought that maybe it was just a play of him being in California & the message behind children getting killed in gang & gun violence. And maybe that was the message, but he had on red in the damn near the whole video! 0____0

I hate to sound like one of these Illuminati code breaker people or one of these people that picks out every detail, but I just have a funny feeling about this repping blood mess. I’m hoping it not to be true, but judging from his actions with this..I’m not sure what to think. This gang mess is something to not play with,& he maybe trying to act like a thug, or maybe he has some ties now to Piru, but keep that shit to yourself & your circle..because now this is just adding fuel to the fire & the media is already eating this one up!

My whole point in writing this is that I just wish Chris can keep this stuff private, I know his life is in the public eye, but if theres a will, theres a way. I got faith in the man!



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