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Eddie’s Back!

Eddie Murphy is back!


For those who may not know, Eddie Murphy back in the day not only did stand up & movies, but he also made some hits. But he kind of put that on the back burner for awhile to focus on his acting.

But now he’s come back with a new Reggae hit called Red Light ft. Snoop Lion! I came across this on HotNewHipHop.com & I had to click on this to see if this was actually Eddie Murphy, because I couldn’t believe it!

I’m a fan of Reggae, & Eddie Murphy always did a great job of doing impersonations of Jamaican men. I was really surprised to hear his voice, which was pretty good! I honestly, really like the song & I think he did a great job! I definitely enjoyed Snoop Lion as the feature on the song too! Take a listen below & enjoy!

I’m Not sure if this is going to be on a new album, which the genre is going to be all Reggae or a mixture. But I want to hear more of Eddie!

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