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This is looooong over due! Sorry guys, I was just trying to get back into the swing of my classes & school! So lets get started!

Stay Trippy: I really, really enjoyed Juicy J’s Stay Trippy album a lot!! He had great production & great features! It was just classic Uncle Juice being himself! Because he’s giving away a 50K scholarship to one lucky lady ( you can vote for me here) I’m pretty sure his song Scholarship ft. A$AP Rocky will be his next single! Money a Do It is my #1 Favorite on the album & I love Bounce It!!

Love Em: Stop It, Smokin Rollin, Bounce It, Wax, Gun Plus a Mask, Show Out, The Woods, Money a Do It, & Scholarship.

Three Kings: What can be better, than 3 fine men, that can sang (not sing) to be on one album?! NOTHING! Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank on one album is just something special! This album was just a bunch of sensual, sexy, love! They started it off with a banger, Take It Wrong ft. an appearance by Black Ty (Tyrese’s alter ego) which is one of my favorites. The rest of the songs lead you onto a very sensual roller coaster. I definitely feel that each song has a piece of each member personally.

Love Em: Take It Wrong, Sex Never Felt, I Need, Weekend Love, Lessons In Love, FYH, OMG, Burn Out, Tearing It Down, A For You.

Yours Truly: Ariana Grande, did her thang for this to be her first album! This album was very good! Her voice reminds me of Mariah Carey in her prime! She hits those high notes perfectly! Each song is something every girl can relate to. It’s cute & sweet! The production is excellent! This chick is going places, fast!!

Love Em: Honeymoon Avenue, Baby I, Right Here, Tattooed Heart, Lovin It, Daydreamin, The Way, You’ll Never Know, & Almost is Never Enough.

Hall of Fame: This was another album with great production! I felt that this was a very perosnal album from Big Sean! I loved the humor throughout the album! Freaky definitely had me cracking up & it was a great interlude into Milf, which is another great humerous song! Big Sean did a really good job of bringing his self out in this album! Ashley ft. Miguel was a very personal song about his ex, girlfriend, but for him to still show the world his feeling about a girl, even though he still moved on is very thoughtful! I think that may be his next single, maybe not, but having Miguel featured on it was a great idea!

Love Em: Nothing Is Stopping You, Fire, Toyota Music, You Don’t Know, Beware, First Chain, Milf, It’s Time, World Ablaze, Ashley & Switch Up.

-Kryssi 🙂


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