New Music!!

2 of my favorite singers Jhene Aiko & Ryan McDermott, both have dropped new music this week!

Ryan McDermott, who is a signee to G.O.O.D. Music dropped a 2 part song called Overflow ft. Sabi! Part 1 is a little more of a steady beat. Feels like he rushed to get the “overflowing water.” Check it out below!

Part 2 is more of a slower beat. Feels a little more sensual. Now this feels like he’s taking his time to get the rest of the  “overflowing water.” Check this one out below!

I never heard of Sabi, but I loved her vocals!

Jhene Aiko I swear speaks what my mind is saying & what my heart is feeling..100% of the time. I love Bed Peace! It’s a lazy, sexy, sweet, feisty type of song ft. Childish Gambino. Check it out below!



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