I really feel this young is going places & it will be fast! B Smyth has a new EP coming out called Florida Files, which got pushed back to October 15th! Vibe is one of the 4 songs that’s out right now that are off the EP which premiered today on The beat which is crazy was produced by Fredro. The beat definitely had me first & then B Smyth’s vocals had me next. In the song, he’s singing about finding that one special lady that he can vibe & connect with on ALL levels!

Florida Files is a mini story Ep, so each video he drops to a song from the EP is telling a love story of a young lady he’s following all around South Florida that he’s trying to get to fall in love with him! (AWWWW) I’m here to tell you guys that each song he has dropped from this EP are definitely bangers! I found myself replaying them over & over again. And his dancing is GREAT! Ooooh Kill Em!

Make sure you keep an eye out for B Smyth’s Florida Files dropping Oct. 15th!



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