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The Golden Age Tour Review


Last night I went to Dizzy Wright’s Golden Age Tour in Madison, WI at the Majestic Theater. Which featured The Cranberry Show, Moody Marcus and Emilio Rojas.

The Cranberry Show, who are a local rap group from Milwaukee, WI got the show started on the right foot! Their DJ, DJ SnackDaddy, had a mix of all old school and new jams! When the Cranberry Show were ready to come out, they had some minor microphone issues, but once that was resovled they got the crowed amped up! Their last performance, where they brought up a few people on stage  (security was definitely stumped and didn’t know what to do.) to TURN UP! They definitely brought a lot of fun to their performance with doing the Jump On It dance.

Next up was Marcus Moody . The last time I seen Marcus Moody perform was when he was going by Paypa and he opened up for Curren$y at The Rave, in Milwaukee, WI. DJ Necterr came out and got the crowd hype with a nice Cali mix. When Marcus Moody started his performance, it actually took me a second to realize and spot him out in the crowd. He was very interactive with the crowd, cracking jokes, telling them to light their blunts, shaking hand & etc. He became so interactive with the crowd that he actually lost his virginity by the crowd…his crowd surfing virginity. He let the people of Madison pop his crowd surfing cherry! You can tell that he definitely enjoyed it because he kept crowd surfing, practice make perfect. He performed my favorite song by him, called Sick & Tired, which the crowd really enjoyed!

Emilio Rojas came out next. He brought that same energy and interaction for the crowd. Someone in the crowd shouted he looked like The Situation from Jersey Shore, & I must admit, he did a little bit. With Emilio’s set the crowd surfing did not stop. Even Marcus Moody joined in on some of the action again. Me being someone who has never heard of Emilio Rojas, he definitely caught my attention with a lot of songs, but one in particular called Champion, where he chanted “Fuck my day job!” Which is something I could and can relate with. He even cracked some jokes, where he used a sample of 50 Cent’s I Smell Pussy and switched out the names 50 used with 3 members of the crowd. They didn’t know that was coming. But it made a great intro to his song Pussy & Cologne.

Next was the final set by Dizzy Wright. Fellow Funk Volume partner DJ Hoppa came out to get the crowd extremely hype. His scratches were so crazy they gave me chills! I made that Oooh Killem face too many times. Then Dizzy & Moskie Moe came out and the crown went crazy.You could definitely feel the energy shift in the room. He performed a few songs from Smoke Out Conversations album & mixtape, The First Agreement Album & of course his The Golden Age mixtape. So he had a little something for all the fans. You could tell that Dizzy was so amped up to the point where he got caught up in his lyrics for Hotel Stripper, but the crowd definitely had his back.  In Dizzy’s set, he definitely upped the ante with the crowd surfing. Dizzy, Hoppa & Moe all at once jumped in the crowd. It was a sight to see! At one point Dizzy was standing up but at one point it started to look like they were going to rip him into halves (pic down below). But they bounced him, Hoppa and Moe around for quite some time throughout the crowd. Dizzy just seemed like a ball of energy! Crowd surfing, bouncing around the stage & even dancing! The man definitely has some moves up his sleeve. He performed a lot of songs, but I definitely was expecting to hear Fashion, We Turned Out Alright, Hope You Have a Good Day, & for some odd reason B.T.T., I thought he would have had some fun with that song.

Whenever I go to a concert I love to see artist and crowd interaction, not just your typical “how y’all doin out there” or “sing a long with me!” type of interaction.  This show definitely went above and beyond with that! I just think it gives the fans more of a connection with the artist and gives them a memory that they will never forget!

There were about maybe 100+ people in the crowd, which is pretty small, the last time I seen Dizzy in Madison it was maybe smaller than that. This always catches me off guard because in my eyes he’s big, very popular, you know, he has a pretty nice buzz and fan base. But I just think it’s just Wisconsin in general. I feel Wisconsin sometimes catches on late to certain artist. I remember back in 2010 when I seen Wiz in Madison, the crowd was just as small, but look at where he is know. I’m pretty sure Dizzy has sold out shows in other states and bigger venues, but I say when he comes back to Wisconsin next year (hopefully Milwaukee) the crowd will be bigger. Usually a smaller crowd means a more intimate show. Intimate meaning the artist is a little more one on one with their fans. But you can tell that Dizzy doesn’t let the small crowds kill his vibe. The show must go on, because it’s for his fans.

Make sure you guys check out Dizzy Wright’s The Golden Age Tour!

Dizzy-Tour2  IMG_1686


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