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Kanye West is The New Age Tupac.



Yes, I said it. 

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Kanye West & Tupac. Now, lyrically, background wise, day and age, they are different. But after seeing interviews from both Tupac and Kanye they both make a lot of sense. Before Tupac died, his rants and in his interviews he was seen as crazy, but after his death he’s now seen as a visionary. Now Kanye is seen as crazy because of his rants and how what he says during his interviews. But is Kanye really all that crazy?

I honestly believe that Kanye is seen as the same, a visionary. A lot of what Kanye says and has said is true. Rappers are changing, paparazzi are the crazy ones, and just because he is a celebrity doesn’t mean that he should be disrespected.

One thing Kanye said during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel (can be watched down below), was that a lot of people feel well because he signed up to be a celebrity, he has to accept what comes with it. That’s like saying, if I sign up to be in a relationshipI have to accept everything that comes with it. Like hell I don’t! We forget that celebrities are like us. They just have a job that is needed for them to be in the limelight and to entertain. They are placed on a pedestal and are expected to not fuck up. Again they are people just like us with emotions, thoughts, reactions and etc., but none of that is supposed to be shown unless it’s something positive. Now if a celebrity fucks up, that’s it! Nothing positive matters anymore! If they do something positive once being labeled with something negative, that positive action is doubted or it’s looked at as a cry to bee seen as “good” again. Who are we to say that celebrities can’t react or lash out like we do in our everyday lives?

Something else I noticed that is similar, is that they both had a thing for fashion. Tupac had a thing for high fashion and so does Kanye. They both verbalize their problems whenever and however. Plus not to mention the similar album covers (Makaveli & Yeezus). I’m not saying they are the same person, because they aren’t. I’m not saying that they are lyrically the same, because they aren’t. And I’m definitely not going into some “it could be Illuminati” bull crap either! It’s just that in some lights he reminds me of Tupac.

A lot of the things he says has truth to it! Some of you may agree with me, some my not. But I know once it’s all said and done people will come back to his interviews and say “damn, he was right!”

Check out the two interviews out for yourself down below!

BBC interview 1-4

Jimmy Kimmel interview 1

Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6



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