You Got A Condom?

Here’s a very funny skit by Dormtainment called You Got A Condom?

Such a funny and relatable skit of a man that has a very fine and half naked woman in his bed ready to get her ankles knocked loose, but he has no condoms. Through out the night he goes on a scavenger hunt with his 5 roommates to find a condom.

This whole skit was hilarious! I was crying laughing. The tip condom was just so ignorant that, I feel that there is one out there if it isn’t some being created now. This skit made me wonder if this is what guys really have to go through to find a condom? Plus does EVERY black man really think they can fit the gold pack?

But the ending was just so trifling, I was just..I didn’t know what to say. I really think someone would actually do this shit! But this whole skit was great!

Check out the bloopers here!

Kryssi 🙂


One thought on “You Got A Condom?

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