“I Ain’t Shit Yet!”


Mr. “I Ain’t Shit Yet!” SpokenReasons, is soon to drop another mixtape for his fans & supporters! Other than being a comedian, spoken word artist or actor SpokenReasons can also sing! Last year SpokenReasons dropped his 1st album The Game Changer and the year before that, his first mixtape The New _ _ _ _ Of Comedy. SpokenReasons is definitely making a name for his self in the Entertainment world.

He hasn’t officially dropped a single to this mixtape yet, but you can definitely catch some snippets of some songs on one of his latest youtube videos down below! I heard a freestyle to Paranoid..excited to hear the whole thing on the mixtape!

Check out his clothing store, Youtube 1 & 2 , his #NWN sketches on ADD & his website! Don’t forget to cop his I Ain’t Shit Mixtape the 19th!

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease.



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