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2014 & beyond!

Hey Y’all!!

I have been missing for quite some time now. School  was driving me ramped last semester, so I had to take a break and focus on that! I got a 3.0 out of it so I’m happy!

Other than school a lot has been going on for me! A lot of positivity and blessings! I honestly don’t know where to start…

The Law of Attraction is something I have always known to exist, but didn’t fully understand it. It wasn’t until early last year when I took the time to read up on it to get a better understanding of it. To put it short and sweet, whatever  type of energy you put out into the universe, the universe will bounce that right back to you. I definitely believe it.

Over 2013 I started to get a few interviews here and there with different artist and I definitely got turned down more than once! But I didn’t let that stop me, I kept trying to reach every contact that I could find. I kept reaching out for internships & jobs revolving around the music business. Some fell through, some didn’t, you know how that goes.

Over the Summer I received a job at Milwaukee’s Summerfest as security for the Children’s area. That job was tough! I wanted to go watch all the different shows every night, but I had to stay posted…until I got my break. I would purposely take my break during certain sets that I wanted to see. Lol I couldn’t help it! I could never stay away from the music.

I started looking into grad schools that catered to Music business as a major and came across FIU. Came across a way to get a scholarship, Juicy J’s 50 K scholarship. I definitely stepped out my comfort zone for this, read the rules & didn’t twerk. I applied for that in Late August. I started applying for grad school back in December. Yesterday I find out that I’m a Semi Finalist for the scholarship! Check out the video here! Unfortunately I did not win, but shoutout to the young lady that did!

I’m definitely bummed out about that, especially on how I was told I didn’t deserve it. A “good luck” or just a “sorry but..” would have been better. But I’m taking that & I’m going to show & prove to them what I didn’t deserve. That definitely isn’t going to be the last they see of me! But you know, I’m glad I did it & got to where I was & found out I didn’t win, rather than not have done it & wondered what if?

I’m still happy & excited for 2014 & beyond! I just know sooooo many things are in store for me! If you have a dream, go for it! Don’t let anything stop you!! Only you can be your own worst enemy! Only you can be in your own way! Don’t do that! You can do & be anything if you put your mind to it! You gotta go get it, take it and run with it! It’s yours!! Once you believe that, everyone else will & the universe will give it to you! Something negative happens, pray. Great things come from outside of comfort zones!! Just do it!

(sorry for that rant, I was just definitely feeling it! Lol)

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease!



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