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Where Oh Where Is Frank Ocean?

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Now that it’s 2014 a lot of artists have or are getting ready to drop a new album or mixtape. Usually the artist will hint at it through twitter, IG or an interview to get the fans excited. But I haven’t heard too much from Frank Ocean, especially ever since he deleted his twitter. Got to hear him on Superpower a feature song on Beyonce’s self titled album. But I’m anxious for MORE!

Back in October, he replied to a fan’s message on his Tumblr page asking when will he be dropping any new music and he replied “when Summer comes around again.”  I’m excited because summer is right around the corner! Outside of his IG & Twitter, Frank kept his Tumblr page and updates it on a regular basis.

Just taking a wild guess, but sometime closer towards the Summer, Frank may drop a snippet of something on his Tumblr page. He’s been known to do that. But, who knows? In the meantime I’ll keep listening channel Orange,  Nostalgia, ULTRA & the songs he’s written and been featured on.

“Ice Cold!” 🙂



One thought on “Where Oh Where Is Frank Ocean?

  1. Yes, I wish Frank had dropped his sophomore album this month. But I think all of his fans should stop voicing their disappointment on Twitter and public forums and just relax without trying to rush the release. The album will be released when he is ready to release it, and I say give him his time if everyone wants it to live up to the hype and be a good follow up to Channel Orange.

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