Plus Size Propaganda: Who IS the Plus Size Woman, Exactly?


I have never seen a plus size model that looks like me.

Never seen extra-wide hips, a stretch mark or two…I have never seen cellulite

on the pages of Roman’s, Woman Within, or even a Torrid add.

If this is the case, what consumers are these clothiers actually trying to attract to

their store? It conveys a message of exclusion. “You can buy our clothes, but we

wouldn’t dare put your love handles on the covers of our magazines.”

I find myself overly frustrated at times by the lack of plus size women being

featured on the covers of a plus size magazine, and even more so that I can’t do

anything about it. So who IS the plus size woman?

Is she America’s Next Top Model’s first “full-size” (not plus) model, Whitney Thompson?


Or is it the face we see time and again in the Torrid mailers, Georgina Burke?

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